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Battenfeld – Greiner

Innovative global extrusion solutions

  • Fund III
  • Entry 2016
  • Exit -
  • Sales €260 million

For more than half a century, Battenfeld-Cincinnati has been at the forefront of highly innovative extrusion solutions. With an expansive product portfolio that ranges from single extruders to complete production lines according to the individual specification of its customers, Battenfeld-Cincinnati has grown into the technology leader in the global high end extrusion market for applications such as pipe, profile, (non-)PVC sheet, thermoforming sheet or pelletizing. Throughout the company’s history, their focus on constant innovation and development, efficient use of resources and high quality standards has enabled them to find first-rate solutions for their customers’ production situation. Partnering with Nimbus, Battenfeld-Cincinnati is set on developing new products and applications, as well as streamlining its global operation.

Battenfeld-Cincinnati started in the 1940’s as Kestermann and was converted into Battenfeld Extrusiontechnik in the 1980’s. After several acquisitions, it became a true global player with a global workforce of about 700 employees and state-of-the-art production facilities in Germany, Austria, China and the USA. Now Battenfield-Cincinnati services the world when it comes to extrusion solutions. The previous owner acquired Battenfeld-Cincinnati in 2007 in a leveraged transaction as sales reached a historic peak. Following the global financial crisis of 2008, the plastic machinery company wasn’t able to adequately recover from a high restructuring effort and debt burden. And so, a new partner was pursued to bring the company back into shape. For Nimbus, Battenfeld-Cincinnati’s potential was clear from day one: with technical know-how and a high-quality team at its core, this is a company that can hold its ground in the global market place and expand in both existing and new territories.

Nimbus’ involvement in Battenfeld-Cincinnati started in 2016, shortly after the plastics equipment maker had already undergone a successful restructuring. Working from an all equity deal, Nimbus was able to remove limiting factors of the past, allowing Battenfeld-Cincinnati to work towards a profitable future with a clean balance sheet. For the past years, Nimbus has been working closely with Battenfeld-Cincinnati to further streamline its operating units across the globe and install a program to improve overall profitability. China in particular has been performing above expectations. Charting the wealth of opportunities in that market with Battenfeld-Cincinnati’s management team, the company is set on expanding its activities there. Additionally, they are strengthening their position in the US market, adding to an ongoing strategy of sustainable growth.

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