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Full steam ahead

  • Fund III
  • Entry 2018
  • Exit -
  • Sales €30 million

NEWES is a entrepreneurial company specialized in the assessment, maintenance, modification and repair of industrial steam boilers and other ‘warm’ mechanical engineering installations, such as furnaces and ovens. Created in 2002 through the merger of NEM Schelde Services and Stork Energy Services, NEWES boasts a rich history that dates back to 1865. As such, NEWES is the OEM and owner of the rights and drawings of nearly all existing industrial boilers in the Netherlands, making the company the most logical service provider for many owners of this type of equipment. With annual sales of around 30 million euros and ample potential for future growth, NEWES is partnering with Nimbus as a majority shareholder to expend its activities, nationally and in foreign markets.

Serving customers in highly technical environments, such as the (petro)chemical, waste incineration and energy industry, NEWES is focused on keeping installations safe, reliable and running. They do this with a workforce of around 85 enthusiastic and highly committed professionals. Also part of the company is a rental fleet of welding and other equipment. All of this has resulted in a highly flexible and creative company, with a leading expertise in its particular field.

Through the acquisition and recapitalization by Nimbus, NEWES is able to expand its business and move forward in national and international markets. With a hands-on approach, Nimbus offers both capital and a great deal of operational, commercial and strategic experience and know-how. Additionally, Nimbus helps NEWES with process automation optimization and implementation. Profiting from a steady industrial market, NEWES travels full steam ahead into the future.

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