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Treat yourself well

  • Fund IV
  • Entry 2019
  • Exit 2021
  • Sales €30 million

‘Behind every succesful person is a substantial amount of coffee’, is just one of numerous sayings about the popular caffeinated beverage that millions of people around the world can’t start their day without. Dutch coffee and vending machine company MAAS offers people in the workplace and on the go 24/7 access to the finest selection of flavorful, high quality and sustainable coffee and tea. This turns every coffee moment into a moment of enjoyment. Or, as MAAS likes to call it: a moment to treat yourself well. Originally established as a cigar producer in 1890, MAAS has grown into a top three player in the field of coffee and tea machines in the Netherlands. Together with Nimbus, the company is now focused on scaling up its operations.

After doing business as a cigar maker, cigarette wholesaler and cigarette vending machine operator, MAAS turned to vending machines for coffee, soft drinks and snacks in the 1970’s. That business grew exponentially and MAAS, through its leading role in the International Vending Alliance, became part of the world’s largest vending machine operating network. However, facing a highly competitive and changing global market, MAAS was forced to greatly reduce its international activities in 2015. Gradually phasing out operations in countries like Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and Denmark, allowed for a renewed and sharpened focus on the company’s home market of the Netherlands. This presented an interesting case for Nimbus, who came on board in december 2018 to help the coffee and vending machine expert optimize its potential and achieve more in the Dutch market with a truly distinctive proposition.

MAAS aims to become market leader in the field of unmanned food & beverage locations, making a sustainable impact on the well-being of people and planet. Through its products and business practices, MAAS wants to make a positive difference in the countries they do business with.This is called IMPACT@ORIGIN. Instead of shipping unroasted coffee beans from their country of origin to the Netherlands, for example, MAAS opts to roast the beans there as well, allowing local workers to earn more money. Additionally, MAAS is always looking for (local) social iniatives to support in the Netherlands, such as ‘Heilige Boontjes’, a coffee roastery operated by former detainees. Together with MAAS’ knowledgeable and enterprising management team, Nimbus is set on expanding the company’s business in the Netherlands and increase profitablity, focusing not just on large businesses and institutions, but medium-sized companies as well.

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