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Royal Van Zanten

Colorful growth

  • Fund III
  • Entry 2018
  • Exit -
  • Sales €75 million

The Royal Van Zanten Group is all about growth. Literally. With a history spanning 150 years, the company has grown into a leading player in the ornamental horticulture sector. As the source of millions of flowers and plants every year, Royal Van Zanten is known around the world for its expertise, innovation and utmost dedication to floral craftsmanship. The company’s portfolio comprises cut flowers such as Chrysanthemums and Alstroemeria, lily flower bulbs and cuttings for pot plants like Aster and Celosia. As the global demand for flowers and plants continues to grow, Royal Van Zanten has joined forces with Nimbus to optimise its production processes even more and enable further expansion.

Rooted and headquartered in The Netherlands, the Royal Van Zanten Group has a global presence, with production locations and distribution centers on different continents. While Van Zanten Flowerbulbs breeds, produces and markets the floral bulbs Holland is famous for, Van Zanten Breeding is involved with breeding and propagating an array of flowers as well as cuttings for pot plants. With innovation firmly embedded in its DNA, Royal Van Zanten is dedicated to developing new varieties and improving cultivation techniques.

Notwithstanding the distinctive position in the market, the family business got into heavy weather due to a lack of focus together with disappointing market conditions and was therefore looking for a party that could help them make strategic decisions in order to facilitate further growth, and to keep the connection to the (international) market. And who - in the absence of family succession - could provide the company with a solid foundation for the future.

In a setting where many potential buyers became hesitant focusing mainly at the short-term growth potential of the company, Nimbus recognized Royal Van Zanten’s true strength and potential, and concentrated its plan on getting the basics on order whilst preserving the company’s innovative character and working towards long-term stability and growth.

Having bought the Royal Van Zanten Group from its previous owners, the Veldhuijzen van Zanten family, Nimbus is set on helping the company fulfil this potential. While the financial scope created by the transaction enables Royal Van Zanten to take the necessary steps to raise its professional standard and serve its customers even better, Nimbus’ hands-on approach and practical experience helps the flower company to optimize its production processes, leading to more efficiency and improved profitability. In a world where flowers and plants liven up every home and workplace, Royal Van Zanten’s future looks bright indeed.

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