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  • Fund IV
  • Entry 2021
  • Exit -
  • Sales €30 million

WELL PLUS TRADE has been a leading supplier of protein-based sports nutrition, functional food, diet products and food supplements in Germany and Austria for over 20 years. In addition, the company produces private label products and acts as a distributor for third-party nutrition products.

In 2015, WELL PLUS TRADE’s founders sold the rapidly growing company to a private equity firm. Instead of continuing to expand, the company was drawn into a downwards spiral as key management left the company. Stakeholders saw the need for quick and effective action, in order to turn the tide.

Market experience and deal-certainty
In October 2021 Nimbus acquired WELL PLUS TRADE. The fact that Nimbus has extensive experience in the food segment and more specifically in the branded bar industry – with a successful investment in UK-based Halo Foods – was certainly an advantage. However, it was the deal-certainty and speed with which the deal could be closed that really made the difference.

Focus on customers
Though WELL PLUS TRADE boasts a solid foundation, Nimbus sees clear opportunities for improvement. Investments will be made in data and account management, resulting in a clearer focus on customers and their needs. In addition, the company will also concentrate on procurement improvement, product development and brand positioning. Last but not least, internal processes will be streamlined for more efficient and cost-effective operations.

All in all, WELL PLUS TRADE offers enormous potential in all the areas in which it operates. Nimbus is confident that the minor changes that are planned will have a highly positive effect and enable the company to get back on track to success.

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