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Prime recovery

  • Fund IV
  • Entry 2020
  • Exit -
  • Sales €60 million

For decades Eisenmann had been a well-known name in the world-wide automotive and metal-finishing industries until the family company needed to file for insolvency in 2019.

The group had developed into a conglomerate of companies serving customers in a wide variety of fields such as conveyor systems, paint application lines and environmental solutions with net sales amounting over 700 million Euros. As these business units did not seem to share many synergies, Nimbus decided to focus on the core technologies in which Eisenmann had gained a broad range of patents and the loyalty of many customers: moving objects through the coating process. This includes Eisenmann's cathodic dip coating, smart drying technologies as well as the capture of overspray, handling of wheels and AGV-technology.

A strong team of engineers and service professionals ensure that customers can continue to rely on their existing Eisenmann lines and more importantly, clients can upgrade and renew their lines to adapt to new capacity demands, higher efficiency needs and reduced CO2-output.

With supporting operations all over the world and own operations in Germany, USA and Mexico Eisenmann is ready to recover its shiny reputation.

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