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Guts and will power

  • Entry 2007
  • Exit 2015
  • Sales €25 million

Bianor is a Polish manufacturer of plastic injection-moulded products, mainly for use in consumer durables. It is located in far away Bialistock close to the Russian border. The company’s founder successfully built the company - with 300 employees and annual sales worth €15 million - up from scratch. His desire to spend more time on personal interests, however, made Bianor lag behind the market’s overall growth. Steps needed for future development were postponed, causing morale to plummet and the business to flounder as the market expanded rapidly. How to find a buyer for a company so dependent on its owner?

Already active in Poland, Nimbus was not in the least put off by the location of the company. Taking over the management of the company from the day of the acquisition wasn’t a problem either. Out of its extensive network Nimbus appointed a new managing director capable of professionalizing the company. Nimbus also brought in a team of experts to set out and monitor the appropriate tools to control and manage the company. IT systems were implemented. Cost price calculations replaced pricing based upon intuition. This changed the ancient approach of gut feeling to a much more process-driven one.

Recently, Bianor invested 7 million euros in a brand new factory in order to boost production capacity. They also opened a new factory in Romania and broadened the customer range. The company is independent of its previous owner-manager and well on its way of increased sales and profit.

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