Our team

Eric van de Bospoort

  • Investment manager
  • Finance

Eric van de Bospoort worked for 15 years with several of the “big five” accountancy firms in the Netherlands. A combination of studies at the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountancy (NIVRA) and his day-to-day accountancy work resulted in broad experience with many different companies in various sectors, as well as non-profit organisations. This is now being used at Nimbus to perform quick scans and due diligence studies at potential acquisitions. In recent years Eric has worked as a (group) controller for both domestic and international companies. His areas of expertise include restructuring organisations, attracting venture capital, preparing buy-outs and the implementation of new IT systems, particularly in production areas. At Nimbus these skills have been used to introduce our own financial reporting system, which enables rapid analysis of the new acquisition’s daily business.