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Henning Eschweiler, Investment / Operations

Henning Eschweiler studied Mechanical Engineering (Dipl. Ing.) and Business Economics (B.Sc.) at the RWTH Aachen University and the ETH Zurich. Besides his studies, Henning made his first entrepreneurial experiences as a member of the founding team of a mobility-start up. He then joined ‘Struktur Management Partner’, a leading German consulting firm specialized in corporate restructuring, with a strong focus on medium-sized enterprises. Henning worked for Struktur Management Partner for almost six years and left the Company as a Senior Manager. His professional expertise includes corporate analysis, set-up and management of performance improvement programs as well as operational leadership. Henning has proven his capabilities when he joined the management board of a mechanical engineering company. He served the company as a Chief Restructuring Officer and achieved a successful turnaround together with the existing management team within a reasonable short time. His proven track record in the hands-on execution of effective turnaround-programs, followed by a pragmatic view on ‘what really matters’ is a very valuable asset to the Nimbus portfolio of companies.