01 January 2007

Acquisition of Remako and Papyrolux

Nimbus has taken over the activities and assets of Remako and Papyrolux. Both companies are based in Elburg, the Netherlands.

Acquisition of Remako and Papyrolux

Remako is a very well-known player in the world-wide market of paper and board trading, with annual turnover of some 30.000 tons.

Papyrolux is a converter of paper and board. The conversion takes place through winding, cutting and other production processes. Papyrolux provides its services to a number of important external customers as well as to Remako.

Nimbus feels that both companies have many opportunities to grow and will supply both companies with sufficient capital to realize such growth.

Nimbus will be majority shareholder, the management team will also have a stake in the companies.

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