01 December 2010

Nimbus teams up with management in Unified Post

Nimbus has acquired a majority stake in UnifiedPost. The fund took over the shares of two private investors and Belgian investment fund SRIW Techno, and committed to a capital increase. SRIW Techno provides a long term loan. The management of UnifiedPost remains an inportant shareholder.

Nimbus teams up with management in Unified Post

Hans Leybaert, CEO of UnifiedPost, explains: “Nimbus and SRIW Techno provide us with the necessary means to realize our ambitions. For our customers and partners this will mean an expansion of our services aimed at managing paper flows and making the switch from paper to digital document exchange. Also our planned integration of payment services will be accellerated.”

UnifiedPost currently processes for more than 120 companies incoming and outgoing documents such as invoices, pay slips, contracts, subscriptions and sectorspecific documents. All processed documents can be digitally archived in compliance with legal regulations. UnifiedPost offers its solutions in a service model (software as a service) to customers in a wide range of sectors including banking, leasing, media, insurance, telecom, utility, HR, interim and travel.

Headquarters are located in Terhulpen (België), other locations in the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

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