01 December 2011

Strategic realignment in RCP Ranstadt

In order to provide its customers with an optimal service and products of the highest quality as well as to focus on continued growth, RCP Ranstadt GmbH has decided to separate its organisation into two business units: “Co-packing” and “Single wipes”.

Strategic realignment in RCP Ranstadt

RCP Ranstadt GmbH has been market leader in Personal Care and Home Care for many years. In the last years the company continued to evolve from being a sole copacker to becoming a manufacturer of own products in the Private Label segment. As the requirements in both fields are quite different, RCP Ranstadt GmbH had to opt for a strategic realignment. Therefore the business units for Co-packing and Personal Care products were introduced which will be carried on under the same roof as before and whose synergies will be continued to be used.

This realignment has pushed for a change in the management of the company. On 30.11.11, Mr. Karl Koob became managing director of the company. Mr. Koob has years of experience in the areas of Co-packing for products in personal care and home care, as well as in the private label market.

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